Standard transfer requirements which are true for all gTLDs and for the majority of ccTLDs are not applicable to .UK:

1) .UK domains can be transferred within 60 days after registration or a previous transfer;
2) .UK domains do NOT support Transfer Lock;
3) .UK domains do NOT support Auth/EPP code;
4) .UK transfers are NOT approved via email.

To transfer your .UK domain to DW Domains, you need to change its IPS tag to ENOM at the current registrar (you may do it either in the client’s account with your current registrar or by contacting their support) and purchase the transfer at DW Domains.

Keep in mind that .UK domains have a special renewal policy:

1. If  a .UK domain is close to its expiration date (i.e., it will expire within 3 months), and a transfer is initiated, the money we charged for the transfer will be used to renew the domain for 1 year.
2. If a .UK domain is transferred earlier than 3 months before its expiration date, its transfer should be free, and the domain will not be renewed during the transfer. Such a transfer order will be refunded to your DW Domains account balance automatically after the transfer completion.

That’s it!