We believe that Even successful and long established businesses can benefit from fresh marketing ideas. If you’re looking for a new method, check out our list of 10 Amazing Marketing Hacks That Cost Absolutely Nothing. Your business will see remarkable results, and you will not even spend a penny!


Giving a free webinar is a great way to get your company name noticed, and it doesn’t have to cost you any money at all apart from your time and preparation. Most laptops nowadays have a webcam already built into them, and platforms such as Skype are free to download and use, so you should already be good to go. Hosting a free webinar will help you improve and build confidence and establish your credibility amongst others. It’s an enormous potential return from only a moderate time investment.

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Vast majority of businesses in Bedford completely forget that this is one of the best marketing ideas if you want to make a lasting impact. Blogs are fun and extremely popular, so why not use the platform to generate traffic for your product or service? The key is not to just spam your business website, but to establish a recognisable presence within the community. As people become accustomed to seeing you, they will want to learn more and will find their way to your company.

Promote your website in bedford3. SUBMIT TO ONLINE DIRECTORIES

One way in a new customer’s ability to find you is how many backlinks you have to your website. Additionally, your ability to show up multiple times for a single search can improve and help discovery. Most of the online business directories are looking for businesses to register their content. The good news is, it’s (mostly) 100% free to make an account and it doesn’t require a large time investment. We recommend that you visit Top 35 UK Business Directories To Get Your Small Business Noticed to get started.

Easy Advertising Strategy 4. JOIN A MEETUP / NETWORKING

Most people in UK and Bedford specifically, think digital when brainstorming marketing ideas. We believe that even though the Internet is awesome and may be your primary source of marketing, you should also never forget the power of  networking with others in person. This is free to do, and just requires a little confidence and personality. This may take sometime getting used to, but the results will be hard to ignore. We recommend starting with Meetup.com for interesting communities in your area. One of the best ways to find networking events in Bedford is to keep an eye on #Bedshour hashtag on Instagram as well as Twitter.

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referral program is an amazing way of building your customer base and connections. Best of all, if it doesn’t work out for you, then it doesn’t cost you anything. Getting existing customers to bring more customers to you for a small reward increases your company awareness with minimal effort.

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You should be on Twitter if you are serious about marketing yourself on the Internet. If you’re already on the platform, one of the simplest and easiest marketing ideas is to start a Twitter feedback. The best approach is to choose up to ten individuals within your industry that are on Twitter and are regarded as being influential and start to follow and interact with them. Follow who they follow and retweet things and you will get noticed by them and their followers. The key focus to Twitter isn’t to post your work in hope others respond, it is to share things users may like and grow a community proactively spreading the work of others.

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If you are known for a single product or service it can be challenging to grow within a customer. You could be missing out on a substantial amount of opportunities by focusing so narrowly on just one thing. We think that by looking at your customers’ needs, what offerings would help them next? Is there a way you can offer this alongside your initial product or service? Secondary offerings are the key to building a business, not a single product, and all it requires is a bit of listening to the customers’ needs.

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Teaching and leadership blogs are an ideal way to expand a brand. Tools like LinkedIn Publishing or Medium have large and highly social user base, allowing you to better target a specific audience. A blog can create strong brand recognition if you stick with it and consistently find opportunities to tell your unique point of view. It takes a great deal of time to grow, but it can become an essential part of your brand.

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An email list is one of the most powerful marketing ideas, and also a great resource for the future. This is something that you can set up on your website or via your social media, empowering you to spread your message as far as possible. Furthermore, building your list costs you nothing and has a surprisingly good return compared to more expensive forms of marketing. Free tools from Campaign Monitor and MailChimp allow you to expand your list initially at no cost.

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Your social media presence is not just there to tell people about what you do. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with customers. Remember that customer satisfaction is very important, so ignoring people isn’t the best strategy. Be sure to respond to public comments if you want to spotlight your customer service skills. Google Business Listings now allow customers to text or chat questions or requests right from your listings. Turn on this feature to start making it easier for all customers to answer their urgent questions.

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